Thursday, February 11, 2010

Xerox versus Apple and the implementation of the idea.

Here is the case of the Xerox Alto computer. The idea behind it was powerful and ... way ahead of it's time. It was a revolutionary device. Yet the guys from Xerox could not quiet execute it, they could not quiet sell it.

Then come along Steve Jobs. You probably heard the story where he visited Xerox and then implemented some of their best ideas into Macintosh. The Apple made its name in computer world and the Xerox ... just didn't.

Why was it so?
What happened to the powerful Xerox, what happened to the brilliant people at Xerox? Well they had their copy business. They just fooled around with computers,... I think.

Steve Jobs approach was entirely different! He asked the right question: how can I implement it into my own product? And so he did ...

This example just proves that small start ups can easily outsmart big established, corporate players. So my imitations to you is this: be the entrepreneur, take a good look around you. What kind of ideas could you implement today? What kind of opportunities are there that are simply wasted by these big elephants - corporations.

You can do better. You can do what Steve Jobs did!

Here is one of the latest Apple laptops.
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